My Mailing List For Readers

How to subscribe, unsubscribe and other details

  • Subscribe: Send blank email with 'subscribe' as subject
  • Unsubscribe: Send blank email with 'unsubscribe' as subject
  • Get notified of: New books, book updates and offers, advance review copies (ARCs)
  • Note: No unnecessary weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly message - no updates = no messages
  • Alternative: Anonymously follow my RSS feeds.

It is recommended that independent authors develop a mailing list so that when a new book is released, there will be enough initial purchases to consolidate the book's position at the top of the searches.

Although I prefer that my readers maintain their privacy by following me anonymously with RSS feeds, I now have to seek your email address. Many years earlier, I used to have a mailing list - for a different purpose. (I wrote the mailing software in ASP.) I think I had at most 20 or 30 subscribers. I would put an entire article inside the email rather than give them a link to the website. My goal then was to spread the content of the articles rather than acquire traffic. After I got a job in Bombay, I forgot the mailing list. In subsequent updates to the website code, I removed the mailing list mailing code. Now, I will have to build a mailing list from scratch.

To subscribe, you need to send an empty message (from the email address that needs to be subscribed) to info AT vsubhash DOT com with the subject line as 'subscribe'. There will be no confirmation email or autoresponder. When I need to send out an email, I will scan the inbox of the account (I will have to write a program for that), extract the subscribers, subtract the unsubscribers and then shoot the messages.

I will send email only to announce the availability of a new book, book update or free review copy. There will be no weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even yearly updates. Unless I have something valuable to say, I will not email you.

To unsubscribe, you need to send an email with the subject 'unsubscribe'. There will be no confirmation of the unsubscription. But, your email will be removed before the next email is sent.

I will be adding the mailing list features to SqlSiteServer, my JavaScript-free Content Management System.

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