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2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone

2020 JokeBook Front Cover

Improve your world outlook with this 171-page 470-joke subset (Rs. 100 or $2/3 for Kindle eBook and $8 for paperback) of the great book. It has plenty of children's jokes, computer jokes, computer programming jokes, cross-the-road jokes, animal jokes, physics jokes, biology jokes, geography jokes, medical jokes, pun jokes, bar jokes, blonde jokes, knock-knock jokes, financial jokes, jokes in advertising, jokes on journalism, romantic jokes, Rajinikanth Facts (like Chuck Norris facts), Confucius-say jokes, ethnic jokes, lightbulb jokes and political jokes.

Read a sample of the jokes in the newly published excerpts from the book.

All jokes in the book are child-friendly and family friendly. No ( ͡⚆ ʖ ͡⚆ ), 彡 or (‿ˠ‿) humour.

How To Reduce Weight Naturally

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I am providing this advice based on my personal understanding of the human body and nutrition. Do not follow these suggestions blindly. These suggestions are not meant for minors, old people, pregnant women, and people with weight-related and non-weight related medical conditions.

To be sure, print this page and show it your doctor for a professional opinion.

Daily Routine

Thorough Fasting

After fat has accumulated in an area of your body, it is very difficult to burn it up, even with regular exercise. The only way to ensure that you burn up these fat stores is through regular fasting. Fasting for a few hours or a whole day will not have any impact. You need to fast for two consecutive days regularly, say every 20 or 25 days. On the first day, just drink light fruit juices - apple or tender coconut. On the second day, drink only water. This will give your alimentary canal some much-needed rest and also burn up your fat reserves. Try to keep it very quiet during the days you are fasting. Do not engage in any activity other than lying down and watching TV. Reading a book is not recommended because you need to hold the book. Do not let family members, friends or phone calls to bother you. Otherwise, hunger pangs will break your will. Do not fast longer than two days. If you do, you might die or damage your organs. On the third day, begin with some fresh juice and light food. Do not gorge on food. Keep your eating habits under control before and after fasting.

Thorough fasting is tough even for healthy people but it can be very effective in reducing fat. Please consult your doctor to see if you are ready for this kind of test.

It should be fine if your first few attempts at thorough fasting fails. After a few attempts, you will gain confidence and complete two days without trouble.