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FFMPEG Quick Hacks

Table of Contents

FFMPEG Quick Hacks is a novel attempt to bring this great software program to the masses. This book uses powerful learning cues to make concepts clear and interesting to the reader. It is an FFmpeg tutorial, hack collection and desk-side reference. FFMPEG Quick Hacks book

I have written, illustrated and designed the book. (And, by that, I do not mean 'exported from Microsoft word'. It is neatly designed and richly illustrated like any other professionally published book. (It was entirely done using Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS).) Check the free PDF sample to be sure.) It is available as a full-colour ready-to-print file, complete with cover art.

What you can expect from FFMPEG Quick Hacks

Videos for the code examples in the book

The following videos are available in this online video playlist.

Acknowledgements & Thanks

About FFmpeg

You can read the article 'Cool FFmpeg Tips and Tricks' that I wrote for Open Source For You magazine some years ago for an easy introduction to FFmpeg. You can then buy my book for more.